Happy Couple Looking At New House Blueprints At Home

Before you buy…

Building a home is usually one of the most important decisions you make, and for most of us the most expensive.

Some short points to remember:

  • Compare apples to apples. Don’t use price alone. Make sure you compare from floor to ceiling and the components of a home you don’t see like HVAC. Differences in quality and size when it comes to some of the systems can be lower up front but how does that impact my comfort and energy costs for years down the road? 

  • Why build when you can buy an existing a home? Do you get exactly what you want? Are you getting the layout the way you want your new home? Is it in the right neighborhood? Do you get a new home warranty? Are you getting the latest innovation and technology? 

  • New homes are so expensive? And isn’t the cost of a new car and food? A new home might be more expensive than it was five years ago but inflation and the cost of better materials have gone up. Five years ago, a new home most likely will even be more expensive than today. Take a moment and we can discuss your needs, tastes and budget. You’ll see why at Armstrong Homes, we’re your personal builder for life!

We’re not a national company but your hometown builder that concentrates on quality, not quantity. Each home we build gets our full attention. I look at every phase of each home we build. We build on pride and purpose to make sure your house is really a special place you call home.